A06B-6105-H003 Fanuc Servo Amplifier

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Fanuc 6 Axis Robot Servo Amplifier

Rated Input: 200-240V, 1.5 kW

Maximum Output Voltage: 240 VAC

Rated Output Current:  J1  13Amps    J2  13Amps    J3  13Amps

                                        J4  13Amps    J5  13Amps    J6  13Amps

Total Current Max: 78 Amps

Manual No. B-81465

The Fanuc A06B-6105-H003 is a 6 Axis Robot Servo Amplifier that is found in a Fanuc Robot Control Panel.  This unit is typically in stock and system tested in a Fanuc Control with a matching Fanuc Robot. 

Please email as repair is always an option if this item happens to be out of stock.