A06B-0143-B175#7008 Fanuc Servo Motor

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Fanuc Alpha Series Servo Motor, Type Alpha12/3000

Rated Output:  2.8 kW

Voltage:  155 V

Rated Current:  12 Amps

Frequency:  200 Hertz

Speed:  3000 RPM

Stall Torque:  12 Nm. at 15 A

Manual No. B-65142E

The Fanuc A06B-0143-B175#7008 Servo Motor is a 3000 rpm alpha series motor.  The "B175" designates an alpha A64 encoder which is absolute with over 64,000 counts per revolution.  This motor can easily be converted to a "B177", "B184" or "B188" style motor with an encoder change.  The "#7008" designates that it is a straight shaft with a keyway.  It can be converted to a "#7076" style by sealing the outer laminations.  This motor does have a holding brake.  If you are looking for a servo motor in this series without a holding brake, the model number would begin with "A06B-0143-B0" instead of "A06B-0143-B1". 

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